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UN Club

The Club’s mandate is to:
  • promote a cohesive understanding of the organs, bodies and functions of the UnitedNations, enhance Club Members’ awareness of current international topics,
  • improve Club Members’ capabilities in the art of diplomacy and foreign relations,
  • develop skills such as critical thinking, negotiating, comprehensive research and writing, and oral communications including public speaking

The Club shall draw from its membership to represent Fulda University of Applied Sciencesat domestic and international conferences held by the National Model United Nations (NMUN)and other similar bodies relevant to the Club’s mandate.

Founder and Secretary General Clara Umstätter

Clara Umstätter is founder and Secretary General of the "Fulda University of Applied Sciences United Nations Club“. She studied “Social Sciences and Intercultural Communication” in Fulda and will be joining the Master’s programme „International Administration and Global Governance“ at Göteborg University this summer. She holds a fellowship by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and is also co-founder of the Global ECPD Youth Networks (ECPD= European Center for Peace and Development).