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Objavljeno: 25. 5. 2016. u 22:34
Hrvoje Cvijanović

Dear students,

Since I will be having the workshop on Friday 27th for almost all day, we will not be having a regular class as well as a suggested optional final exam. However, I will be there at 17:15 if some of you want to come optionally for a class in which we can discuss certain topics that you wish to raise either regarding the class in general, or anything specific that might be in your area of interest, or regarding the final, the ideas aboout the final, suggestions for the class, or whatever you might find interesting or concerning. Of course we can watch something as well that you might consider relevant for the can suggest.

I know there was a split between those of you willing to take the final on Friday 27th, and those who would prefer June 3rd, but we are going to stick to June 3rd because this is said in the final update of our syllabus, as well as it will be more convenient for all. Let me know if you have any questions/comments. 

See you,

Hrvoje Cvijanovic

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