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Objavljeno: 16. 3. 2016. u 18:18
Hrvoje Cvijanović

Dear all,

Just a small reminder on how the presentation should look like. Take the readings assigned for the particular topic/movie you are presenting. Try to figure it out how these readings can be linked to your topic/movie. Present the readings along with the movie, make them an integral part of the topic you are presenting. Find out what the movie you are presenting on criticizes and in what way. Focus on some idea in the movie and elaborate on it (you can discuss many ideas, the more the better). Try to find out to what degree the movie discusses certain political/philosophical problems and ideas (more or less satisfactory) that you outlined in your presentation. Articulate the problems and questions and discuss them with other students. Make your power point presentation interesting. Let me know if you need the movie you are presenting on or any other help. Send me your presentation outline until 12:00 on Fridays (if possible) so we can avoid some overlapping. Have fun while thinking critically about the movie and readings!

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