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Pop politics
Šifra: 116179
ECTS: 7.0
Nositelji: izv. prof. dr. sc. Marijana Grbeša-Zenzerović
Izvođači: Tomislav Klauški - Seminar
Prijava ispita: Studomat
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Nastava se odvija na hrvatskom jeziku u svim svojim elementima, a stranim studentima koji su pridruženi mješovitoj grupi nudi se mogućnost savladavanja predmeta pomoću dodatnih izravnih konzultacija s nastavnikom i asistentima na engleskom jeziku. Pri tome, nastavnik stranog studenta upućuje na odgovarajuću literaturu na engleskom jeziku te mu osigurava mogućnost polaganja predmeta na engleskom jeziku.

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Vrsta nastaveUkupno
Predavanja 30
Seminar 30
* Opterećenje je izraženo u školskim satima (1 školski sat = 45 minuta)
Opis predmeta:
The main objectives of the course are: - to introduce students to the concept of mediatization of politics ; - to encourage students to critically evaluate the contribution of European political communication to the rest of the world, especially in the light of the Americanisation debate ; - to introduce students to the concept of pop politics and its alleged impacts on democracy; - to introduce them to other key concepts in the filed which will allow them to critically asses the consequences of the intrusion of popular culture into political domain; - to encourage them to critically evaluate to which extent if at all has the intrusion of popular culture into politics deepen the gap between male an female politicians; - to introduce students to key methods in researching mediatisation of politics. Note: The main focus of the course will be on Europeanpolitical communication.
1. semestar
Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Preddiplomski sveučilišni studij Novinarstvo
Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Preddiplomski sveučilišni studij Politologija

3. semestar
Usmjerenje Strateško komuniciranje DN 3. semestar - Redovni studij - Diplomski sveučilišni studij Novinarstvo

4. semestar
Usmjerenje POLITIČKA KOMUNIKACIJA dn 4. semestar - Redovni studij - Diplomski sveučilišni studij Novinarstvo
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Objavljeno: 4. 11. 2019. u 10:41
Marijana Grbeša-Zenzerović

Dear students, 

here are several important information: 

1. uploaded is the list of seminar groups; please DO NOT switch between groups unless you find yourself a replacement,

2. uploaded is the list of seminar presentations that have been registered so far, along with the dates; I urge  students who have not registered yet to do so ASAP. If you are presenting in a pair and you attend different seminar groups, you'll be assigned to a particular seminar group on the date of your presentation. On all other weeks you shoud attend your original seminar group. Please bear in mind that seminar presentations SHOULD NOT BE mere descriptions of individuals, their actions or events. You should link your story to key concepts and theories we study in the class. You always need to choose a perspective to tell your story from. You can present your case using whatever format you want (PPP, video, podcast ... ). Be creative, be interesing, be convincing, raise questions ... ;  

3. uploaded is the list of the essay topics along with instructions on how to write an essay;

4. and last but certainly not the least: the union has announced that the next round of strike on universities is going to take place on Wednesday, 06/11. As it seems now, all classes on Wednesday will be canceled. The seminar on Tuesday, 05/11 will also be canceled. Please pay close attention to the intranet and further notices. Should this continue on Wednesdays, we'll probably schedule our next lecture on Tuesday, 12/11. 

Best, Marijana









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