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Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost


1. What is the Faculty of Political Science and where is it situated?

The Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb was founded in 1962 as an institution of higher education within the University of Zagreb. It is the oldest political science educational and research institution in this part of Europe and the only study of political science in Croatia. 

How to reach our Faculty?

  • By car?
    • Go north along Marin Držić Avenue, turn right at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia into Ljudevit Posavski Street. Lepušićeva Street is the first street on the right.  
  • By tram?
    • From the Central Coach Station: Tram number 5 (direction: Kvaternik Square) or number 7 (direction: Dubrava). Get off at the Ministry of Defence.
    • From the Central Railway Station: Tram number 2 (direction: Žitnjak) or number 6 (direction: Sopot). Get off at Branimirova market.
    • From Ban Jelačić Square: Tram number 1 or 17 (direction: Borongaj). Get off on Žrtava Fašizma Square. 


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2. X-Card

The student card called X-Card is an identification document enabling students to exercise their rights. It is a magnetic card containing the university name and the name of the higher education institution that the user of the card attends, year of issue, card number, name, a photo and the owner's signature.

The magnetic tape with the card number on the back of the card enables the identification of the card owner.

The card is valid till the end of the study.

The X-card entitles students to subsidized meals or payment in student restaurants and to discounts in some economic and cultural institutions.

Where can it be used?
Places where the student card can be used are marked with the distinctive "X" stickers.

X-card welcome here
In all student restaurants give your X-card to the cashier who will check the balance of the subvention and subtract the value of the ordered meal. The non-subsidized part will be charged in Kunas.

Other conditions
The student X-card is not transferable: it may only be used by the authorized person. The breach of the terms of use is an offence. The users are obliged to present the student card whenever required. If the card is lost, the student must inform the Admissions Office immediately and fill in the form for a new student card. There is a fee of --- Kunas for a new card. The filled in form is to be submitted to the computer centre.

For all other problems e-mail


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In bigger towns inevitably there is the problem of finding one's way around. So, here are a few useful tips about the public transport in Zagreb.

Zagreb public transport is called ZET or The Zagreb electric tram. It covers both tram and bus lines.

There are also some private bus lines, mainly suburban commuter lines, although they call at some downtown bus stops. ZET tickets cannot be used for the special lines. We strongly advise you against using these lines as you can easily get lost or end up somewhere in the suburbs.

The safest, but the most expensive means of transport is TAXI.  There are taxi ranks at some important points in Zagreb, e.g. at the coach and the railway station, near the main Square, in Ilica Street (Britanski Square), in Črnomerec, and on Savski Bridge.In case you really do not know where you are, dial 098 319 016 and call a cab. The prices are discouraging, though (have a look at

Tram lines 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 17 will take you to the Faculty of Political Science. The trams 2, 6 or 8, can get you to the Central Coach Station; or you can get off at the next stop (Branimirova market). Then go just a little bit further north to Petra Kreąimira IV Square (the building of the Ministry of Defence) and the Faculty is just round the corner. For details read What and where is the Faculty of Political Science?

If you take the tram 5 or 7, get off at the stop Petra Krešimira IV Square (one stop after the Central Coach Station).

If you take the line 1, 9 or 17, you should get off at Šubićeva Street. Then go south and when you reach Petra Krešimira IV Square . again it is just round the corner.  


Most students in Zagreb travel out of Zagreb. Either they do not live in Zagreb or they just travel. You can use three means of transport:

For further details, see the given addresses. 
NOTA BENE! For all transport there are some student discounts. 



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OK, you are enrolled, you have your grade book and your X-card, you are in Zagreb and are all ready to start studying… but one should have a place for living (unless you are from Zagreb so you have no worries of this kind).

The rest of you have two options:

  1. to rent a flat
  2. to live in a dormitory

If you choose the first option, the prices vary with the location and the quality of the accommodation. However, you cannot find decent accommodation for less than € 100. Ads offering accommodation or looking for roommates can be found at various places in Zagreb: the notice board in the Student Centre, and the notice boards of the faculties. Also buy Classified Ads and get informed in this way. The next step: dial the number of the offer you like and do not fail to “inspect” your potential dwelling. Pay attention to whether there is a working toilet, a shower, a decent bed, a desk and if possible a kitchenette. If you find it all for € 100-150, if it looks decent and is not miles from the tram, you have made it. But if you want something more posh, closer to the city centre and if your budget is not tight, there are better offers, with more spacious rooms, a separate kitchen, a bathroom, washing machines and other devices, from € 200 to … sky is the limit.  

If for any reason you decide to live in a dormitory: your budget is modest, you like to meet new people, you want to experience the “real” student life, you can learn despite the noise, you love parties – read carefully the following lines.

There are 4 dormitories in Zagreb: “Cvjetno naselje”, “Stjepan Radić”, “Ante Starčević” and “Lašćina”.

First, you submit the required documents to the Student Centre (more information to enter the competition. Once awarded a place in a dormitory, you move in, get acquainted with your new roommate and your student life may officially start.

Let us take you on a tour of the dormitories. If you get a place in the dormitory“Cvjetno naselje”, you have lucked out. The rooms are of decent size, the furniture is new. Some rooms have their own bathrooms and kitchens. There is also a TV-room, a party room, a language school, a computer room, and last but by no means the least - a student restaurant with a coffee and pastry shop. After tucking in, you can burn some calories in the dancing school. The dormitory is in a quiet neighbourhood, good for hard-working students, willing to burn the midnight oil. If you have good marks (since most points are needed for this dormitory), go for it! Good luck! Tram number 5 takes you directly to the Faculty.

The dormitory “Stjepan Radić”, known as “Sava”, is situated near Lake Jarun and is the largest dorm. The room size varies from pavilion to pavilion, from tiny rooms (mainly in the old pavilions) to normal-size rooms with new furniture, private bathrooms and kitchens in the new pavilions. To get such a room you should have more points. There is also a TV-room, the unavoidable party room, a surgery, 2 student restaurants, a fast-food restaurant and a coffee and pastry shop. There is a dancing school for those who want to learn to dance. There are places to go out to near the dorm which is rather far from the traffic and the noise, but be prepared to a different kind of noise, because partying is the hobby of choice of the dorm’s tenants.
The easiest way to reach the Faculty of Political Science is to take the tram number 5.

“Ante Starčević” or “Šara” is near the dormitory “Cvjetno naselje” and these two dorms share the canteen. It has recently been renovated and is now one of the better dormitories.

The dormitory “Lašćina” is near Kvaternikov Square. Surrounded by parks and far from the noise, it is a favourable environment for learning. The rooms are big enough for 2 people. Students of the Academy of Music have their own pavilion. There is a student restaurant, a TV-room, a party room etc. The nearest tram stop is only a ten-minute walk from the dorm.  Number 5 and 7 will take you directly to our Faculty.

The choice is all yours. Enjoy, wherever you are, because these are the best days of your life. 



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5. STUDENT SERVIS (Student Employment Office)

How to get there?

The Student Employment Office provides temp jobs for students. It is situated on the second floor of the Student Centre building at 25 Savska Street, in a very busy part of Zagreb, so you can reach it by trams number 2, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 17.

How to register with the Student Employment Office?

You are eligible if you are:

  • a full-time student
  • a regular high school senior (but only from 15/06/ to 30/09/ i.e. during summer holidays)

To apply for membership you need:

  • a receipt issued by the Faculty confirming the full-time student status
  • your grade book
  • your ID card
  • a passport-sized photo


Also you should have a giro account opened with a bank. Then you are issued a membership card and your ID number which enables you to get a contract and get paid for your work.

To renew your membership, bring a receipt issued by the Faculty confirming your full-time student status and the previous year's membership card.


How to find a job?

The list of available jobs can be found on the notice board of the Student Employment Office, on the mezzanine floor or on the web site:

For other information phone 01/4593-671 or inquire at the Student Employment Office.

Another possibility to get a job is through ads. Bring the contract to the Student Employment Office, together with the firm code to make the payment possible.

The Student Service does not offer permanent employment and its perks, but it gives an opportunity to its users to meet their potential employers.

The wage per hour depends on the job.

At the end one friendly advice: the number of working hours with the Student Employment Office is inversely proportional to the number of the exams passed. 


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Students mostly go out to the following joints:

  • Aquarius Club, Matije Ljubeka Lane
  • Saloon, 1a Tuškanac
    for those who want to mingle with "trendsetters" and "highfliers".

For rockers and their soul mates

  • Spunk, no number Hrvatske bratske zajednice Street
  • Tvornica, Šubićeva Street    and 
  • "Močvara", Trnjanski  nasip 
    is a good place for punks. 


A few more popular venues:

  • Kset, 3 Unska Street
  • Sax, 22 Palmotićeva Street
  • Kaptol Pub, 4 Kaptol
  • The Best, Jarunska Street
  • Pauk, dormitory "Stjepan Radić", 2 Jarunska Street
  • Sokol Klub, 8 Maršala Tita Square
  • Papaja, 2 Schlosserove stairs


Near the Faculty:

  • Tvornica, GP, Hocus Pocus

And then a few more:

  • Roko, Akademija and In bar, 3 cafes near the dormitory "Stjepan Radić" are second homes to students
  • Tkalčićeva Street (leading off the main square), especially popular in summer when it is swamped with open-air bistros.
  • Cafes on Cvjetni Square are also popular with students and the "in" crowd.


At the Faculty

If you want to play basketball, football, tennis or handball, contact Mr Gordan Janković, senior lecturer in Physical Education or you can 

  • go hiking on Sljeme,
  • swim in the swimming-pool Mladost,
  • do aerobics and other sports in the sports hall of the Faculty of Economics.

Other sports venues

Indoor football tournaments:

  • The Herzegovina Homeland Club
  • Dubrovnik Homeland Club and
  • The inter-dormitory tournament

Basketball tournaments

Volleyball student tournaments for women and men

Visit the swimming-pools:

Sport Park Mladost, 5 Jarunska Road 
Indoor swimming pool Mladost,  11 Trg sportova 
Sport Recreation Centre Šalata, 2 Schlosserove stairs

Skating rinks:

Dom sportova, 11 Trg sportova
Sport Recreation Centre Šalata, 2 Schlosserove stairs




The Mimara Museum, 5 Rooseveltov Square 
The Technical Museum, 18 Savska Road 
The Museum of the City of Zagreb, 20 Opatička Street


The Kerempuh Theatre, 31 Ilica Street 
The Croatian National Theatre, 15 Maršala Tita Square 
The Drama Theatre Gavella, 8 Frankopanska Street 
Theatre &TD, 25 Savska Road


Broadway Tkalča, Kaptol Centre, 11 Nova Ves and Blitz-Cinestar (in the Branimir Centre, Avenue Mall and Arena Centre) are the best cinemas in Zagreb.

The cheapest cinemas (10 Kuna per ticket) are in

the Forum Cinema, in the Dormitory "Stjepan Radić", 2 Jarunska Road and

the cinema at the Student Centre, 25 Savska Road