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Incoming students


  • Start and end of lectures winter semester 2017/2018: October 2 - January 26

Exam period winter semester 2017/2018: January 28 - February 23


  • Start and end of lectures summer semester 2017/2018: February 26 - June 8

Exam period summer semester 2017/2018: June 11 - July 13


  • Orientation period: one week before the start of the semester

All incoming students are required to attend ‘Welcome Day’ at the Faculty of Political Science, which is organized during the orientation period.


The University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science takes part in several exchange programmes like Erasmus+, CEEPUS and Erasmus Mundus. If you are interested in participating in a student exchange at the Faculty of Political Science, you should start by contacting the International Office at your home university. You can apply to the Faculty of Political Science as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Zagreb, and if you have been nominated by your home university.

We currently have around 50 Erasmus partner universities, and we actively participate in Europe from the Visegrad Perspective CEEPUS network. A list of our partner institutions can be found here. The list does not include numerous bilateral agreements signed at the university level.