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Centre for European studies


Centre for European studies (CES) is a scientific research institution of the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Political Science, with the mission of research and analysis of the process of European integration. The main aim is to contribute to a systematic research within the field of European studies at the Faculty of Political Science and provide a place for scientific conferences and public debates dedicated to the research field of European studies.

Scientists, research assistants and students, gathered in the CES research team, are united in an endeavor to contribute to the research and the teaching activities that contribute to the understanding of the process of European integration and the transfer of knowledge about the political system of the European Union.

As a leading academic organization for Political Research of the European Union in Croatia, the new Member State of the European Union, the CES seeks to provide a useful contribution to an open dialogue on the future of European integration.


Head of the Centre

Prof. Hrvoje ŠPEHAR,