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Exam results June 10, 2020
dear all, results of the exam you took on June 10 are uploaded in the study materials in this folder, as well as in the Google Classroom. Best, Danijela Dolenec
Schedule for take home exams
SCHEDULE FOR TAKE HOME EXAMS Dear all, There are three dates before the summer break during which you can take the exam: June 10, June 24 and July 8.  On each of these dates we will post the take home assignment at noon and the deadline for submitting your exam via this Classroom will be at 8 pm on the same day.  In order to take the exam on a given date, you need to register through the Studomat.  Best,  Danijela 
  Dear all,  In order to help you prepare for the take home exams, Maja & I will host two Zoom exam revision sessions. Participation is not mandatory, but we advise you to take part as it will help you to prepare for the take-home exam.   There are two dates in order for the groups to be smaller and more interactive.  The dates and groups are as follows: May 20nd, 2 p.m. Ahern Abijah, Anđelković Eugen, Angel Ariza Frances, Bešić Ivona, Blažević Laura, Bučić Suzanna, Čelar Ana, Čubrić Jelena, Despot Sandra, Drkula Nik,a Eltermane Elizabete, Gaši Karla, Giera Julian, Grgurić Katarina, Hazlingerová Kristína, Hersant Antoine, Jačmenica Morana, Jarža Ivona, Jędrzejak Dominika, Jonak Tin, Jurišić Fran, Jurković Josipa, Jurkstaite Justina, Krigere Marta.   May 27th, 2 p.m. Limpárová Kristína, Livaja Patrik, Low Yuan Ting, Marinić Marin, Miličić Antonia, Miloš Kristina, Muñoa Jon, Omrčen Ivona, Panteleienko Anna, Peultier Marion, Pfeiffer Dennis Wolfgang, Popova Daria, Poschko Ivan, Prigradić Joško, Pussieldi Moratelli Luisa, Šain Alen, Samošćanec Lara, Šikić Fran, Skočak Nina, Soče Anamaria, Šostik Leon Krešimir, Valentak Gabriela, Vukasović Kruno, Žindžius Deividas, Župčić Iva.   In order to prepare for the exam revision, please read the exam literature and refresh your case knowledge on Occupy Wall Street movement. We will be using OWS as the example for sample questions.  The Zoom link will be posted on the day of the exam revisions. Best, Danijela and Maja
The following students did not fulfil the requirements for maintaining registration in the course (and signing of indexes): 1. Boras Slavko-Antonio 2. Karshe Safia 3. Salijević Valentina 4. Zec Petar Everyone else, remember that by June 2, 2020 you need to have all 5 response papers graded to complete the seminar requirements in the course and have your 'index' (student record) signed off by me. best, Danijela Dolenec
May 15 deadline
Dear all, if you do not have 2 response papers graded by May 15, you will be de-registered from the course, and I will not sign your student record (index). The following students have not handed in ANY response papers yet: Boras Slavko-Antonio Čubrić Jelena Jarža Ivona Jonak Tin Livaja Patrik Low Yuan Ting Marinić Marin Popova Daria Poschko Ivan Šain Alen Salijević Valentina Skočak Nina Vukasović Kruno Zec Petar
Migrating to Google Classroom
Dear everyone, We hope all of you are well, and we keep our fingers crossed that the situation will stabilize soon. You are receiving this message because according to the latest official record at FPZG you are enrolled in the course Protest Politics in Old and New Democracies. If you are NOT registered or DO NOT WANT TO REMAIN registered, please reply to this message to inform us. Everyone who intends to remain registered for the course, please read the new syllabus that we uploaded to 'Nastavni materijali' folder very carefully. The document outlines course rules, relying on distance learning and online tools. As you will see, the first step for you is to register in the Google Classroom (please follow the instructions in the attached document), and make sure you regularly attend to all the specified assignments pertaining to lectures and seminars. The first occasion to talk to me and/or Maja 'live' is this Friday at 10 am., when I will be available for a chat via Zoom (also explained in the attached document). Stay safe and all the best, Danijela & Maja
switching to distance learning and online tools
Dear everyone, As you have probably already been informed, the University of Zagreb issued recommendations that we completely suspend 'contact' types of teaching and switch to online modalities. No classes will be held in the FPZG building for at least two weeks. Maja and I will be in touch tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest with a detailed handbook on how we shall proceed with our course, relying on distance learning and online tools. Until then, two requests: please everyone read the assigned reading for this week (Aslandis) if anyone has left or is leaving Croatia and de-registering from the class let us know. Keep safe and talk to you soon! Danijela & Maja
Next week class is on Thursday morning 9am
dear all, Next week's session will be held on Thursday, March 12, instead of Wednesday. The lecture starts at 9 am, in the Courtyard seminar (Dvorišna dvorana), and the seminar starts at 10.30, same place.  Danijela Dolenec
Exam results: 3 July 2019
dear all, here are the results of yesterday's exam:   Artuković, Vid 5 points, unsatisfactory (1) Lacković, Lucija 11 points, good (3) Nikolić, Anja 8 points, satisfactory (2)   I will be entering marks tomorrow, Friday, July 5, at 9.30 in my office. Best, Danijela Dolenec
exam results and entering marks
dear all, I have uploaded a new version of the student record with marks from yesterdays' exam. Students who need to get their grades signed into index / studomat, plaese come tomorrow, FRIDAY, at 10 am to my office #9 (2 floor). After tomorrow I am away at international conferences until July 1. I will be available to you via email and for grading ECTS essays, but will not be able to enter grades into indexes before that date.  Best regards, Danijela Dolenec
2nd colloq results + student record
dear all, I uploaded the results of the second colloquium and seminar marks. For those of you who have completed all obligations I also formed the final mark for the course.  I have 3 important announcements: 1. everyone who wants to have their mark entered in the electronic record and 'index', make sure you register for the upcoming exam scheduled for Wednesday, June 12. I can only enter your mark if you are registered in the system. 2. I will be entering marks and signing indexes on Wednesday June 12 after the exam, from 1pm onwards. My office is number 9, second floor. 3. Those of you taking the exam, see you on Wednesday at noon, seminar room C. Best regards, Danijela Dolenec
Exam and Seminar Reading List
dear students, please find uploaded the exam and seminar assignment reading list for this semester. see you tomorrow, Danijela Dolenec
Course Schedule 2019
Dear students, I have uploaded our course schedule for this semester, please look for it under course materials. This document contains the list of dates with our session topics for lectures and seminars, as well as dates for the two colloquia.  See you all next Wednesday, March 6, at noon in seminar C. best, Danijela Dolenec
2nd colloq and June 13 exam results
dear all, i just uploaded an updated version of the student record, with marks from the second colloquium AND the Wednesday June 13 exam. I will be entering marks today (Friday) at 10 am, and again on Monday, June 18, at 10 am. My office is #9, second floor. best, Danijela
student record
dear all, i have uploaded the student record, including attendence and marks, as it stands today. A few of you have some leftover work, but most of you have completed all seminar obligations. see you next week, Danijela
All lecture slides uploaded
dear all, all of my 11 lecture slides are uploaded. Best, Danijela
example response paper
dear all, with Stephanie's permission, I have attached her response paper for you to get a better idea about what constitutes an excellent response. Best, Danijela
1st colloquium results
dear all,  below find the results of the first colloquium. The score on this test is added to the score of the second colloquium, which then together make up the written exam grade according to the grading scale, also provided below. best, Danijela    1ST COLLOQUIUM RESULTS (IN POINTS AWARDED) Fyrogenis            6 Glumac                 6 Lemežonaite     9 Mazur                   10 Meinart               8 Nemec                 8 Pospelova          10 Selinger               9 Shulgin                 6 Strouha                 2 Tzamargias         7 Vrubliauskas      9 Yevdokymova   10 Winkler                 9 Zellmer                 10   WRITTEN EXAM GRADING SCALE 1+2 COLLOQUIUM 18-20 points 5 (excellent) 16-17 points 4 (very good) 13-15 points 3 (good) 10-12 points 2 (pass)    
weekly assignments with student leaders
dear all, i just uploaded the weekly schedule with your names assigned to the seminar topics. please check whether everything is in place, and let me know if we need to make any amendments. best, Danijela
Course starts March 14, 2018
dear all, the course Protest Politics in Old and New Democracies starts on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. See you at noon in seminar room C. p.s. on this link you can watch the video I made today for international students, explaining some of the stuff we will be covering in the course: see you soon, Danijela 
28 June Exam Results
dear all, here are the June 28 exam results. Orešković, Kristijan 8 points, grade (2) Čaušević, Amra 5 points, grade (1)   With best regards, Danijela Dolenec
14 June Exam Results
dear all,   exam results from June 14, 2017 are as follows: Knez, Josipa - 12 points (3) Potočnjak, Paolo - 7 points (1) Orešković, Kristijan - 2 points (1)   I am signing in grades today, Monday, June 19, at 10am, and this Wednesday, June 21, at 11 am.    Best, Danijela Dolenec
2nd colloq results and student record
dear alll, the results of the second colloquium and the overal student record are uploaded in the folder with study materials. I will be entering marks on Monday, June 19, at 10.00 am.   Best, Danijela 
1st Colloquium Results
dear all, the results of the first colloquium are uploaded in the folder with seminar materials. best, Danijela Dolenec 
No Class on April 26
dear colleagues, as announced there will be no class held on Wednesday, April 26. You can hand in response papers regularly for this Wednesday, on the topic of the Tea Party. Next Wednesday, May 3 we will hold regular lecture+seminar. During seminar we will hear three presentations, by Franko Milas, Marie Mihel and Kristijan Orešković.   See you next week, Danijela Dolenec
Tribina u organizaciji Kluba studenata: Politička (r)evolucija u Španjolskoj
Poštovane kolegice i kolege,   Sutra, u utorak  4. travnja u  A-dvorani  Fakulteta političkih znanosti , u  Lepušićeva 6, u Zagrebu,  u organizaciji udruga  i  Kluba studenata Fakulteta političkih znanosti  održat će se tribina  "Politička (r)evolucija u Španjolskoj“ . Tema tribine bit će analiza novih oblika političkog organiziranja i metoda građanske mobilizacije kojima je  je ekonomska kriza u Španjolskoj(uz svoje destruktivne učinke) otvorila put. Naglasak će biti na pokretu  15M  i posljedicama koje je on imao za politički sustav Španjolske te na pokretu protiv evikcija u Barceloni ( PAH ) iz čijih je "redova" i sadašnja gradonačelnica. Gosti tribine su  Tomislav Tomašević , Institut za političku ekologiju i  Iva Marčetić,  Pravo na grad a razgovor će moderirati  Dean Derežić,  Tijekom predavanja će se također prikazivati autentični video materijali sa terena Cilj tribine je približiti tematiku novih društvenh pokreta studenskoj populaciji a i šire te u ozračju opće razočaranosti i apatije potaknuti na djelovanje.
Exam results Sept 15
Dear all, please find below the results of the exam held on Sept 15:   Bobic, Nika, 12 points, pass (2) Grubisic, Ivan, 15 points, excellent (5)   I will be entering marks on Monday, Sept 19, at 3 pm, office no.9.   Best, Danijela Dolenec
Colloquium Results
New date for final class: May 23
dear all, as you are probably aware, May 26 is a holiday, so we needed to re-schedule the final meeting for our class on Protest Politics.  Instead of Thursday, we will meet on Monday, May 23, at 3.30 pm , in the main building, seminar room C . After the lecture, which will finish at 4.30, we will have two final presentations in seminar, by Katharina Werner and Nesrin Bayraktar. Written responses are due by Monday 23, at noon. See you, Danijela
Seminar readings for May
dear all, the remaining seminar readings for May are uploaded on studomat: May 5 - Bunce Wochick Electoral Revolutions May 12 - Russian Youth Movement Nashi May 19 - Ekiert and Kubik Civil Society Myths May 26 - Robertson Leading Labour   Let me also use this opportunity to remind you that my colleague Marko Kovačić will be holding lectures the next 2 sessions.  best, Danijela
1st colloq results
dear all,  please find below the results of the first colloquium. The minimum threshold to pass and take the 2nd colloquium is 6 points. The scoring table for the exam, which includes points from the 1st and 2nd colloquium is also included below.   Balent Kruno 5 Barac Ivana 7 Bayraktar Nesrin 4 Bily Radim 5 Čemažar Sara Ana 10 Ferk Mladen 10 Filipović Matea 8 Fratrić Ivan 7 Horvat Mateja 10 Kolak Jakov 10 Lehmann Yelena 7 Milić Filip 7 Miličević Josip 10 Runje Leon 10 Vince Vid 8 Werner Katharina 9   scoring table 18.5-20 excellent (5) 16.5-18 very good (4) 14-16 good (3) 12-13.5 pass (2)    
seminar reading April 21
dear all, Williamson and Skocpol's text on the Tea Party is in the materials folder. See you on Thursday, Danijela
seminar reading March 24
dear all, the seminar reading for next week is the article entitled "European Anti-Austerity Protests – Beyond ‘‘old’’ and ‘‘new’’ social movements?", which you can find in the repository. best, Danijela
1968 - the year that changed history
Dear students,   by way of introduction to tomorrow's session, have a look at this series of photos on the Guardian's website:   See you soon!