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Migrating to Google Classroom

Dear everyone,

We hope all of you are well, and we keep our fingers crossed that the situation will stabilize soon.

You are receiving this message because according to the latest official record at FPZG you are enrolled in the course Protest Politics in Old and New Democracies. If you are NOT registered or DO NOT WANT TO REMAIN registered, please reply to this message to inform us.

Everyone who intends to remain registered for the course, please read the new syllabus that we uploaded to 'Nastavni materijali' folder very carefully. The document outlines course rules, relying on distance learning and online tools.

As you will see, the first step for you is to register in the Google Classroom (please follow the instructions in the attached document), and make sure you regularly attend to all the specified assignments pertaining to lectures and seminars.

The first occasion to talk to me and/or Maja 'live' is this Friday at 10 am., when I will be available for a chat via Zoom (also explained in the attached document).

Stay safe and all the best,

Danijela & Maja

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