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Pop politics

Pop politics








prof. dr. sc. Marijana Grbeša-Zenzerović - Seminar
nasl. pred. Tomislav Klauški - Seminar

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  • Predavanja 30
  • Seminar 30

* Opterećenje je izraženo u školskim satima (1 školski sat = 45 minuta)


The main objectives of the course are: - to introduce students to the concept of mediatization of politics ; - to encourage students to critically evaluate the contribution of European political communication to the rest of the world, especially in the light of the Americanisation debate ; - to introduce students to the concept of pop politics and its alleged impacts on democracy; - to introduce them to other key concepts in the filed which will allow them to critically asses the consequences of the intrusion of popular culture into political domain; - to encourage them to critically evaluate to which extent if at all has the intrusion of popular culture into politics deepen the gap between male an female politicians; - to introduce students to key methods in researching mediatisation of politics. Note: The main focus of the course will be on Europeanpolitical communication.


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Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Sveučilišni diplomski studij Novinarstvo
Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Sveučilišni diplomski studij Politologija
Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Sveučilišni prijediplomski studij Novinarstvo
Izborni GS-1 - Redovni studij - Sveučilišni prijediplomski studij Politologija


Usmjerenje Strateško komuniciranje DN 3. semestar - Redovni studij - Sveučilišni diplomski studij Novinarstvo



Essay submission and seminar on 13/01
Dear students,  please pay attention to the following important information:  1) on Thursday, 13/01 we'll have a joint seminar session (room B) , as announced in the syllabus; we'll watch a movie, followed by a discussion;  2) the deadline for essay submission is postponed to Friday, 14/01 at 00:00. I believe you'll be thrilled with this development, however, DON'T WAIT TO START WRITING YOUR ESSAY THE NIGHT BEFORE IT IS DUE. On Thursday we'll talk about CP and gender gap, which is why I gave you the extension. One of the essay questions addresses this topic and I want you to have some input from the teacher.  3) I shall soon post pdfs of my lectures.  See you on Thursday! Marijana      
Lecture and seminars on 23/12
Dear students,  given that many of you plan to travel home for holidays and considering complicated travel arrangements in Covid times, our lecture and both seminar groups on 23/12 will be held online , via our Pop Pol team on Teams.  All the best! Marijana       
Lecture and seminar on 2/12_IMPORTANT
Dear students,  the lecture tomorrow is being canceled and we'll have a compensation that we'll agree about. However, the seminars are going to take place, according to the usual schedule - group 1 at 15:30 and group 2 at 17:00.  Let me know if you have any questions! All the best,  Marijana      
Lecture on 4 November and seminar presentations
Dear students,  a member of my family has unfortunatelly contracted Covid. Therefore the lecture and the seminar for group 1 will take place online on 4 November . The seminar for group 2 will take place in the classroom, as scheduled. Those of you who want to follow the lecture at the Faculty, will be able to do so from room B, like the last time. Let me know if you come to classrom and the room has not been set up.   This week we start with your seminar presentations. We look forward to learning what you have prepeared! Please note, that the process of signing up for seminar presentations has been closed. Students who have not signed up for justified reasons and still want to present, need to contact me directly. Also, students who proposed topics that are not suitable for presentation, should propose new topics by Wednesday, 3/11 or they will lose their spot and possibly might not be able to present.  Students who don't show up for their presentation without prior notice, will lose their spot and will not be able to present. Notifying teacher that you are not able to present several hours before the presentation does not count as a prior notice and will result in 0 points in presentation.  Students who are scheduled to present this Thursday, 4 November in group 1 will have their presentations online.  Thank you! Marijana