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Objavljeno: 17. 11. 2017. u 18:36
Uređeno: 17. 11. 2017. u 18:36
Đana Luša

Dear colleagues,

Let me inform you that we will have our first debate on 30th November instead of on 21st November 😊. We will meet at Vijecnica at 10:00. If you have some other course or tutorial at that time please let me know.


Last time all of you gained 1 point for participation in multilateral negotiations.

In our first debate you will be divided into two groups:


  1. Croatia: Van den Ahee, Vaškevičiute, Starikova, Zhuraviev, Fabri, Amoroso
  2. Slovenia: Szelag, Kyriakou, Pleshkanova, Stynikov, Mulder

We will be discussing following issues:

  1. Croatian and Slovenian territorial claims
  2. The role of arbitration in the dispute

To prepare yourself please consult internet sources as well as documents I sent you by e-mail!


On Wednesday I am taking my students to visit Brasilian Embassy at 12:00 We will be meeting outside the Faculty at 11:30. Please let me know weather you want to join us!


You can take the first part of your exam on December 12th at 12:00. Before that at 10 in the room A please join us for a lecture of French ambassador!


The first part consists of Berridge from page 1 to 161. ( Chapters 1-9)

Objavljeno: 7. 11. 2017. u 09:50
Uređeno: 7. 11. 2017. u 14:29
Đana Luša

Dear colleagues

Our next meeting will be held on 14th November 2017 at 16 in Vijecnica, 2nd floor.

You are divided in 3 groups:

Israel: Simona Vaškevičiute, Louisa Starikova and Judith van den Akker

Palestinian Authority: Umberto Amoroso, Valerio Fabri, Kyriaki Kyriaka

UN: Maksym Sytnikov, Olha Pleshkanova and Cornelia Mulder

Special information for each group is sent by e-mail. General information is available under Course materials.

Literature for the exam is also available under Course materials. You can take the exam on 12th December at 10:15, 23rd January at 10:15 and on 30th January at 10.

For all information you can contact me at