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CO3 Social Contract

CO3 Social Contract

A social contract refers to an agreement between community members. These contracts emerge from theories, practises, and imagination. They generate stability and predictability in societies through both formal and informal institutions, such as norms or governance.

Contemporary challenges such as the rise of populism and extreme ideologies, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ecological crisis have put social contracts under pressure. We need a better understanding of the limitations of our current social contracts, their frictions and exclusivity. We also need to grasp their resilience and democratic potential to support societies in developing well-functioning, democratic and inclusive political systems and rule of law.

With 10 partner institutions, we have initiated CO3, a Horizon Europe funded research project studying more open, inclusive, and democratic social contracts for contemporary societies. Our mission is to strengthen the political and social resilience of democracies amidst societal challenges, crises, and anti-democratic tendencies.

During the next 3 years, CO3 will analyse how the contemporary theories of the social contract contribute to our understanding of the social contracts in the current crises-driven European political environment. We will also conduct eleven empirical country cases to investigate the contradictions and tensions between practices, narratives and lived experiences in social contracts across Europe.

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Partners: Demos Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Uppsala University, Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Centre for Liberal Strategies, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Istanbul Bilgi University, University of Zagreb, Center for Critical Democracy Studies at the American University of Paris, Ukrainian Catholic University

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