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Study Programmes

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Political Science are organised at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate specialist and doctoral level. There are two major fields of study at the undergraduate and graduate level: political science and journalism. Journalism program also comprises elements from communication science. The political science undergraduate program lasts eight semesters with 240 ECTS credits, whereas journalism undergraduate program is organised into six semesters with the total of 180 ECTS credits. 60 ECTS credits are allocated to two semester graduate program in political science while 120 ECTS credits are allocated to the four semesters graduate program of journalism. The graduate program of Master of European Studies in the English language is allocated with 60 ECTS credits. The Faculty also has a number of postgraduate specialist MA programs with 60 ECTS credits:

·         Local Democracy and Development 

·         Public Relations 

·         Regional Comparative Studies of Central and Southeast Europe

·         Security Policy of the Republic of Croatia 

·         Foreign Policy and Diplomacy 

·         Adapting to the European Union: The Project Management and the Use of EU Funds and Programs 

Doctoral level programs are organized through an integrated doctoral program of Political Science and doctoral program in Comparative Politics, the latter currently only encompassing activities related to dissertation mentoring and comprehensive examination. The Faculty is one of the two leading institutions in the Military study program organized at the Croatian Military College. Within this program the Faculty is responsible for the organization and execution of the Military leadership and management module.