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Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

SPeCTReSS – Social PracticE Cultural Trauma and REestablishing Solid Sovereignties



Research and development, mobility, international cooperation


EU, India, Brazil, Japan, US (Europe, Asia, South America, US) 

Cost (EUR)    

50.400,00 EUR

Role in the action   





01/01/2014 – 31/12/2017

Objectives and results of the action    

1. To build a dialogue among humanistic research centres in largely ‘post-traumatic’ states, regarding the positive negotiation of cultural trauma and "new sovereignties" in the 20th-21st Century
2. To closely document the inscriptions of this status in both official and unofficial forms of discourse and other forms of public ‘performance’
3. To identify sources and resources for research across national boundaries, which cast light on these issues, harnessing the tacit knowledge of local scholars regarding the archival holdings in their region/country and theoretical material produced in their mother tongue
4.To create a platform for intercultural knowledge exchange taking place on a more equal footing than is currently the norm through the judicious application of technology
5. To achieve these aims while remaining ever cognizant of our potential bias as either implicated in or detached from the trauma in question, and threat that we as interpreters might either oversimplify (and perhaps idealize) the evidence of a post traumatic recovery or take the processes of traumatic integration too far out of their local cultural context to be credibly interpreted

WP-1 Project coordination and facilitation: meetings, workshops and reflection
WP-2 Historical continuities and discontinuities after cultural trauma
WP-3 Cultural, Society, Memory and its institutions
WP-4 Narratives and Discourses of the Nation
WP-5 Fractured unities: the national and the global, the diasporic, and the individual
WP-6 Writing and performing the Nation