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Jean Monnet Chair in EU political studies: Networks of European Integration



Teaching, education, research and development


Croatia, Zagreb  

Cost (EUR)    

44.986,00 EUR 

Role in the action     



EACEA – ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Chair

01/09/2014 – 31/08/2017

Objectives and results of the action    

The Jean Monnet Chair intends to establish huge quality impact on research and teaching in European Integration Studies in a way to enlarge within the seminars and lectures the subjects in:

a) historical backgrounds of European community building, policy networks and the role of different social actors in the process of European Integration as the part of the general course on State and Constitution,
b) of extremely important part of the theory of European Integration in a way of Social Constructivism and theories/concepts on Policy Networks,
c) of new and enlarged view on EU cohesion policy in a way of approaches of Social Constructivism and Policy Networks
The Jean Monnet Chair is including new methodology of the teaching at FPZG by involving students in the intensive seminar activities, connecting with public discussions, TV and radio shows and opening to broad public. It opens academia as a place for networking between academia, public servants, policy makers, civil society actors, media and broad public.