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EUEduca: Educator Workshop for Secondary School teachers on the EU



Research and development, Education, Lifelong learning 



Cost (EUR)

49.612,00 EUR 

Role in the action



EU - ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet project 

01/09/2014 – 31/08/2016
Objectives and results of the action    

Project objectives are: 1) To raise the general knowledge on EU integration, institutions, decision-making and policies amongst key groups of teachers, 2) To raise awareness of the wide range of pedagogic skills and tools on offer within traditional and contemporary teaching spectrum that can successfully be drawn upon to more effectively convey to teachers and pupils alike knowledge about the EU, 3) To encourage teachers to become more familiar with the benefits of online learning and to support their efforts to implement these new tools in their own teaching of the EU and 4) To make sustained use of the tools and expertise of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb as a scholastic and pedagogic centre of teacher training excellence.

The project aims to provide secondary school teachers in Croatia with the necessary means to successfully deliver classes on EU integration with the help of a specific pedagogical and didactic materials: handbook and toolkit “How to teach the EU in the secondary school” based on teachers feedback gained on workshops that will be delivered regionally covering all Croatian regions. By its deliverables, besides handbook and toolkit, this project will include making unique webpage for Croatian teachers that will include podcast of all workshops’ lectures.