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IPA INFO 2012 - Different approach to youth on the path to the EU - DAY Sector: Education, Inform




Cost of the action (EUR)    

99.357,00 EUR

Role in the action     

Coordinator/ applicant    

Donors to the action   



26/06/2013-27/12/2014 (18 months)

Objectives and results of the action    

Overall objective: To increase the knowledge and the understanding of the opportunities and challenges that the EU membership brings to young people from Croatia. 

SO (1) To establish tools and mechanisms that provide accurate information to Croatia youth about the EU programmes, the concrete benefits and challenges of EU accession and contribute to dissipating prejudices about the EU and SO (2) To enhance cooperation between CSOs and media outlets in providing public information on the opportunities and challenges to Croatia’s EU accession efforts 

R1: Educational tool established to raise the capacity of youth to participate actively in EU programmes, R2: Increased volume of reporting about EU membership benefits for youth, R3: Enhanced collaboration of CSOs and media outlets and R4: Raised awareness of young journalists on EU issues

WP1 Project management and dissemination, WP2 Upgrading existing Student TV with EU educational programme, WP3 Joint video production of EU media content for television broadcast and webcast by CSOs, WP4 Creating a regional network for best practice exchange and WP5 Promotion of EU initiatives, programmes and policies targeting young people via Student TV and workshops.