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Incoming students

The University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science takes part in several exchange programmes like Erasmus+, CEEPUS and Erasmus Mundus. If you are interested in participating in student exchange at the Faculty of Political Science, you should start by contacting the International Office at your home university. You can apply to the Faculty of Political Science as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Zagreb, and if you have been nominated by your home university.

We currently have around 50 Erasmus partner universities, and we actively participate in Europe from the Visegrad Perspective CEEPUS network. A list of our partner institutions can be found here. The list does not include numerous bilateral agreements signed at the university level.


Academic year 2021/2022

  • October 1 – September 30

Winter semester

  • Orientation period: September 27 – September 30
  • Teaching period: October 1 – January 21
  • Examination period: January 24 – February 19

Summer semester

  • Orientation period: February 21 – February 25
  • Teaching period: February 21 – June 3
  • Examination period: June 6 – July 8


Orientation period

During the orientation period incoming students must visit the Faculty of Political Science to finish their enrolment. All incoming students are required to attend the “Welcome Day” organized by the Faculty.

Every semester ESN Zagreb members organise a great number of fun and educational activities intended for international students in Zagreb. These activities and events include: city tours, international dinners, language tables, sports activities, karaoke nights and trips to various destination in Croatia. More information on ESN Zagreb can be found on the following link

University of Zagreb International Relations Office also organises its own “Welcome Day” for all incoming students during the orientation period. This “Welcome Day” is in no way connected to the Faculty of Political Science “Welcome Day”.


Examination period

There are no classes during the examination period. Students should not leave the Faculty of Political Science before the end of the examination period.


National and faculty holidays

November 1 – All Saint’s Day

November 18 – Remembrance Day

December 24 – First day of the Faculty Christmas holidays

December 25 – Christmas Day

December 26 – St. Stephens Day

January 01 – New Year’s Day

January 07 – Last day of the Faculty Christmas holidays, Three Kings Day

April 17 – Easter

April 18 – Easter Monday

May 01 – International Workers’ Day

May 30 – Statehood Day

June 16 – Corpus Christi

June 22 – Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

August 5 – Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

August 15 –  Assumption of Mary


We have received several inquiries from students finishing their mobility regarding the Letter of Confirmation of Period of Stay / Statement of Host Institution / Confirmation of Arrival and Departure (Letter of Confirmation) document. Universities use these documents to calculate the exact amount of the Erasmus+ grant students will receive once they finish mobility. It is extremely important to ask your University to provide you with the Letter of Confirmation before the start of mobility. We are unable to fill in these documents with dates that are different from the ones we have in our system, which represent the exact dates of students’ arrival and departure from our institution. Students can finish their mobility earlier than planned if they pass exams, receive their grades and pick up the Transcript of Records and the Letter of Confirmation, but we will not falsify date of departure in their Letter of Confirmation. Students arriving later or leaving earlier than officially planned must be aware that they will not receive full Erasmus+ grant.