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Attending courses at other faculties

International students can attend up to two courses at other faculties. Students who attend one or more courses at other faculties have to make separate learning agreements and do the following:

Before the mobility
  1. Make a new Learning Agreement with the courses you wish to attend at the other faculty;
  2. Contact the Admission Office and International Cooperation Office of the faculty in question and have them sign this new Learning Agreement;
  3. Contact the professor holding the course you wish to attend and receive his/her permission to join it (some faculties do not require this step).
During the mobility
  1. Pick up the Horizontal mobility form (Approval Form for the Enrolment of Elective Courses) at the Faculty of Political Science;
  2. Fill in the Student’s information section of the form;
  3. Bring it to the Admissions Office of the Faculty of Political Science to have it signed and stamped;
  4. Take it to the Filing Office of the Faculty of Political Science (room 8);
  5. Bring the Horizontal mobility form to the course professor. He has to fill in and sign  the  section Information on the elective course on the Horizontal mobility form.
After completing the course
  1. Have the grade registered and signed by the professor in the Information about the course examination section of the Horizontal mobility form;
  2. Have it signed and stamped by the secondary faculty Admission Office;
  3. Bring the signed and stamped Horizontal mobility form to the Faculty of Political Science Admission Office.