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Temporary stay permit and visa - Health insurance

EU/EEA citizens can enter Croatia with just a valid ID card (or passport) and then need to register their address of residence at the Central police station if staying for more than 3 months.

Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. (for full list visit here) can enter Croatia with a valid passport and then apply for the residence permit in Zagreb. Check with the Croatian embassy in your country of residence which documentation you will need for your application in Zagreb and make sure you take it along when coming to Zagreb.

NON-EU/EEA citizens coming from a country that has a visa-regime with the Republic Croatia need to apply for a visa via the Croatian embassy in their home country before departing for Croatia.
The list of countries whose nationals need a visa to enter Croatia can be found at the pages of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Visas CANNOT be applied for or extended in Croatia! Please contact the Croatian embassy in your country of residence for more information. You will receive an acceptance letter that covers some of the documentation needed for your visa application as soon as your complete application has been approved by the faculty/academy of the University of Zagreb that will host you.

In order to regulate the residence permit students need to submit the following documents:

•proof of enrolment from the faculty/art academy of the University of Zagreb stating the study purpose of your stay,
• photo in colour (35x45mm),
• copy of the passport / ID card,
• proof of sufficient means of subsistence (printed statement of your bank account, scholarship confirmation or similar); minimum is 1000HRK (approx. 120EUR)/month,
• proof of secured accommodation – statement from the student hall of residence in Zagreb (to be received upon moving in) or in case of private accommodation rental contract and proof of ownership.

Documents need to be submitted at the Central Police Station in Petrinjska 30, HR-10000 Zagreb, within 72 hours upon arrival.



All exchange students must have health insurance during their stay in Croatia.

All EU/EAA students need to bring their European health insurance card to Croatia.

All non-EU/EAA exchange students are required to register for Croatian health insurance upon arrival. Croatian health insurance is offered for currently approx. 400HRK/month (approx. 54EUR) and entitles the user to full healthcare coverage. This insurance will not cover your journey to Zagreb including medical evacuation and repatriation – please make sure you purchase travel insurance accordingly.