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About employee

Filip Trbojević, mag. soc.

The Faculty of Political Science
Title: Instructor
E-mail: E-mail
Graduation year:2017
Employed since:2021

List of select publications

In domestic and international scientific publications, I have published five original research articles, one preliminary communication, and one book chapter:

  1. Anić, J. R. & Trbojević, F. (2023). “Božja toplina daje mi snagu”. Uloga vjere u životu osoba u beskućništvu: istraživanje iz Hrvatske [“God’s Warmth Gives Me Strength”. The Role of Faith in the Lives of People Experiencing Homelessness: Research from Croatia]. Crkva u svijetu, 58(1), 54-76.
  2. Peruško, Z., Vozab, D. & Trbojević, F. (2022). Pretpostavke za razumijevanje uloge medijskog sustava za deliberativnu demokraciju: 20 godina istraživanja medijskog sustava u Hrvatskoj [Prerequisites for Understanding the Role of the Media System for Deliberative Democracy: 20 Years of Media System Research in Croatia]. Politička misao, 59(3), 109-134.
  3. Trbojević, F. & Šikuten, L. (2022). Prevalence, Forms, and Predictors of Cyberbullying Perpetration. Medijska istraživanja, 28(1), 133-154.
  4. Anić, J. R. & Trbojević, F. (2021). “You Are a Foreigner in Your Own City and in Your Own Country; I Mean, You Are Literally Like a Refugee”. The Role of Religion in the Lives of Homeless Women – (Hidden) Migrants. In N. Furlan Štante, M. Bjelica & J. R. Anić (eds.), Women’s Religious Voices. Migration, Culture and (Eco)Peacebuilding(15-31). Münster: LIT Verlag.
  5. Trbojević, F. (2020). Religija i liječenje ovisnosti: molitva, rad i razgovor kao vid rehabilitacije na primjeru Zajednice Cenacolo [Religion and Addiction Treatment: Prayer, Work, and Conversation as a Form of Rehabilitation in the Example of Cenacolo Community]. Crkva u svijetu, 55(2), 271-295.
  6. Trbojević, F. (2019). Kulturni kapital mladih: preferencije i transmisija popularnih glazbenih žanrova među studentima Sveučilišta u Zagrebu [Cultural Capital of Young Adults: Preferences and Transmission of Popular Music Genres among Students from the University of Zagreb]. Medijska istraživanja, 25(2), 45-67.
  7. Trbojević, F. & Šimac, B. (2018). Stavovi studenata odabranih sastavnica Sveučilišta u Zagrebu o pasivnoj eutanaziji [Attitudes toward Passive Euthanasia among Students from Selected Constituents of the University of Zagreb]. Revija za sociologiju, 48(2), 117-147.


In domestic scientific journals, I have published nine professional book reviews of publications by Croatian and foreign authors:

  1. Trbojević, F. (2023). N. Furlan Štante, M. Bjelica & J. R. Anić (eds.): Women’s Religious Voices. Migration, Culture and (Eco)Peacebuilding. Crkva u svijetu, 58(1), 127-131.
  2. Trbojević, F. (2022). R. M. Perloff: The Dynamics of News: Journalism in the 21st-Century Media Milieu. Medijske studije, 13(26), 117-119.
  3. Trbojević, F. (2022). D. Baturina & Z. Babić: Socijalna ekonomija i socijalno poduzetništvo [Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship]. Revija za socijalnu politiku, 29(1), 113-115.
  4. Trbojević, F. (2022). V. Lamza Posavec: Metodologija društvenih istraživanja: temeljni uvidi [Social Research Methodology: Basic Insights]. Socijalna ekologija, 31(1), 133-135.
  5. Trbojević, F. (2021). G. Bežovan, V. Puljiz, Z. Šućur, Z. Babić, I. Dobrotić, T. Matković & S. Zrinščak: Socijalna politika Hrvatske (2. izd.) [Social Policy of Croatia (2nd ed.)]. Revija za socijalnu politiku, 28(3), 431-434.
  6. Trbojević, F. (2021). A. P. Hilário & F. R. Augusto (eds.): Practical and Ethical Dilemmas in Researching Sensitive Topics with Populations Considered Vulnerable. Društvena istraživanja, 30(4), 838-842.
  7. Trbojević, F. (2020). H. Jurić: Euforija i eutanazija: akutni zapisi o kroničnim problemima [Euphoria and Euthanasia: Acute Notes on the Chronic Problems]. Socijalna ekologija, 29(1), 126-130.
  8. Trbojević, F. (2016). D. Babić: Nacionalne manjine u Hrvatskoj: sociološka perspektiva [National Minorities in Croatia: A Sociological Perspective]. Migracijske i etničke teme, 32(1), 133-135.
  9. Trbojević, F. (2014). R. Boudon: Sociologija kao znanost [Sociology as Science]. Diskrepancija, 13(19), 195-198.

List of select projects

As an assistant, expert associate, and associate, I have participated on two international, one domestic, and on one institutional research project:

Associate on the institutional FPZG / CIM research project “Istraživanje novinarske profesije u Hrvatskoj – WJS Croatia” [“Research on the Journalism Profession in Croatia – WJS Croatia”] (October 2022 – present day)

  • General project objective: to identify national trends concerning the perception of risks and uncertainties as well as other aspects of the journalism profession by journalists, with the aim of strengthening the international exchange of knowledge and creating more effective media policies

Assistant on the international Horizon 2020 research project “Critical Exploration of Media Related Risks and Opportunities for Deliberative Communication: Development Scenarios of the European Media Landscape – MEDIADELCOM” (December 2021 – present day)

  • General project objective: to develop a diagnostic tool for policymakers, teachers, media institutions and bodies as well as for media experts and journalists, that should enable the holistic assessment of risks and opportunities concerning deliberative communication and social cohesion in Europe

Associate on the domestic ESF research project “Nova perspektiva za beskućništvo” [“A New Perspective for Homelessness”] (July 2021 – January 2022)

  • General project objective: to enhance the cooperation and encourage the networking among civil society organizations, local and regional self-government units, and higher education and scientific institutions, with the aim of developing the public policy guidelines that will enable better social inclusion of people experiencing homelessness in Croatia

Expert associate on the international CSRP research project “Exploring Homelessness and Pathways to Social Inclusion: A Comparative Study of Contexts and Challenges in Swiss and Croatian Cities – HOMEIN” (September 2020 – December 2021)

  • General project objective: to explore the impact of social exclusion and its dimensions on people experiencing homelessness, with the aim of improving the understanding of homelessness as a social phenomenon, contributing to the understanding of local needs, and encouraging the changes in social policies

Past employments

Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, Department of Media and Communication (December 2021 – present day)

  • Teaching associate on two courses at the undergraduate and graduate university study programme of Journalism, and assistant / associate on one international (Horizon 2020) and one institutional (FPZG / CIM) research project

Institute of Social Sciences “Ivo Pilar”, Zagreb (September 2020 – December 2021)

  • Expert associate / associate on one international (CSRP) and one domestic (ESF) research project

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