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Objavljeno: 7. 12. 2017. u 10:52
Uređeno: 7. 12. 2017. u 10:52
Goran Čular

Dear colleguaes,

you can check the student record up to now (a file under Nastavni materijali) and the state of your points (grades). If you have any questions, write me please an e-mail.


Goran Čular

Objavljeno: 9. 10. 2016. u 17:46
Uređeno: 1. 10. 2017. u 18:23
Goran Čular

Dear colleagues,

under subtitle Nastavni materijali (up left) you can find a) course program and study rules and b) the book we use for the lectures and exam.

Goran Čular