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Political Science Fiction
Code: 131734
ECTS: 5.0
Lecturers in charge: doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Cvijanović
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The title of the course "Political science fiction" is a wordplay: it means merging political science with fiction, or politics with science fiction. Science fiction provides the story or us, not predominantly or necessarily about outer space or distant future. Hence, science fiction can be seen as an allegory of ourselves and the opportunity to explore our political practices and society. The advantage of studying fiction along with social sciences, especially with politics, is the fact that fiction raises new ideas about politics that cannot be found in the mainstream social science literature. The creativity of thought found in science fiction thus helps us thinking about major political-philosophical problems we are always confronted with. The aim of this course is to examine some of the major topics in political science through the vehicle of (science) fiction narratives. We will provide these narratives with political aura giving them theoretical underpinnings. From its beginnings it is believed that science fiction represents a rich subtext for our historical and current political struggles. It deals with central political and social issues regarding our views on life in general and communal life with others, on threats to our way of life, on crossing the boundaries of traditions and existing social practices, on our enemies and human nature, on political and ethical disputes, ideal institutions, or utopian and dystopian political communities and organizations. Thus, science fiction contributes toward better understanding of political life. It is a divergent way of approaching to the grand themes of political science and social life in general. By merging politics and science fiction together this course will add to the traditional cannon of courses in political science, hence providing with the opportunity for learning about politics from the perspective of science fiction as an important part of our popular culture. Since science fiction provides a commentary on social and political evolution, it necessary resonates with current or potential problems and debates of this world. Sometimes science fiction is a product of both trans-epochal and current social problems and concerns. But our political ideals may be influenced by some idealized fictional views of the future. Hence, this course is designed to enliven a greater understanding of the seriousness of such views and debates by demanding from students to challenge their view on the genre, namely to see beyond the entertaining dimension of science fiction, but rather into its political and social potential for critique of our societies, institutions, dangers and development. As such, it is a course about politics and political thought, not (science) fiction as such. Since the relevance of political-philosophical arguments in fiction should not be explored exclusively in the genre of sci-fi media, the course is a platform to explore the politics through film in general. In doing so, we will focus on different sources - from the political-philosophical texts to those that explore the matter in question through the lenses of international relations, comparative politics and public policy - asking from the students the ability to think in different directions.
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